This is a biography that I wrote at college about myself as a musician when I was about 20.

Auto Biography

Elliot Ward, “I did it my way”.

I was born in Wakefield, September 1991. I grew up in the farming village of Altofts. Gallivanting round the countryside in the neighbouring area, pretending to be the Russian bloke from James Bond. I attended martin Frobisher where I got my first taste of music by playing the 3rd ago go in the school production of the nativity playing little donkey, in martin Frobisher school I was stabbed in the head with a pencil by Craig Smith, he was going to sit net to me and I wasn’t too keen about the idea of having a Pratt like him sat next to me, so I told him to move or I would get him moved by the teacher. Moving onto Altofts middle school was where I attended guitar lessons that were absolutely useless, I spent most of my time pushing the guitar around the room like a vacuum cleaner. This was really the only musical instrument I had ever tried at this point. After middle school I moved onto high school, this is were I had to bribe Chris Channer to stop him from hitting me. This worked liked in the godfather, and I had a pretty easy at high school. I think about it like prison. I had to serve five years in that hellhole, but I also managed to play the saxophone and trombone, though the teachers didn’t turn up. They were sick of me.

Music lessons in high school were pathetic, I don’t think I learnt a thing. There was an option to do music as a GCSE but only 5 people choose it and it was cancelled, they ended up doing design and technology or woodwork. We just played around with African drums, I think it was to become culturally diverse, but I think everyone was sick of those drums and whistles by the end of school. Noise annoys me and I think that’s why. It was always going on, and I didn’t always know why. Who even liked it? The students playing looked fed up, only the teacher wanted to hear it. But everyone hated her anyway. She ended up doing drama and then ended up getting the sack. I spent her lessons making funny noises with my friend Adam Hunt, just using the low end of the trumpet spectrum. I didn’t get much out of her lessons but I learnt how to play the Rugrats theme. I met a friend called Liam Fernley who introduced me into The Beatles’ music. He gave me a memory stick with many albums on it. I must of listened to it over and over, becoming a huge fan. Liam played guitar, he had a Burns guitar, which was a very expensive and professional guitar. He also had a huge amplifier and I thought he was amazing.

At home towards the end of school life I decided to play with my dads electric guitar, I thought it was amazing, it was the best guitar ever. I have since realised it was only worth about forty quid and was worthless and actually a terrible guitar. But to me at the time it was brilliant. I played single strings, wearing them out till they all broke. I then discovered chords.

This began my fascination with music. Though this was in the middle of doing mechanics at college. A friend I met there called Graeme Coopey already have a les Paul and a Stratocaster, hearing him play made think I want to be as good or better than him one day. I bought a bass guitar and started playing that. It was a Hofner icon series violin bass. My dad bought me it for Christmas 2009, I had previously played the Beatles rock band, showing me I could move my fingers fast enough and decided I could probably play bass. I practised bass while attending the college course at the learning Xchange, I also bought myself a Grestch electric guitar. This was the first best guitar I had. It was the same as George Harrison’s! I then traded my icon series bass for the contemporary version of the violin bass. This kicked off my bass playing properly. I started with a band called the adoration only days after acquiring my new bass. This included Lee Taburn and Hugh Watkiss. This band dissolved soon after but it was my first ever time playing music properly. Soon after this I applied to join Access to music York. I was accepted and there I met David Redshaw. He became my best friend on the first day, towards the end of the year I created the band ‘Stranger Danger with him and we gigged at the Black Swan at the Acoustic showcase. Before starting stranger danger I did a lot of solo work, mainly acoustic. It was a musical stalemate as I did little music. I joined a band called ‘George’ and I played bass for them, only sessioning though. During my time at access to music, I learnt how to play the bass and guitar properly. I also learnt how play the bouzouki, the banjo and the drums. Currently I’m working on Stranger Danger and my own music. What does the future hold for Elliot Ward?